Teaching You To Become A Good Steward


Kingdom Expansion

Purpose: To develop and coordinate an effective and comprehensive program of missions and community outreach and providing leadership to and supervision to staff members and volunteers involved in this ministry.

Kingdom Seekers

To provoke decisions to bring people to Christ and to add to the membership of the Body of Christ. To equip people and impact their web of relationships, focusing on reaching non-Christians through cell groups, and marketplace ministries that address urban needs. To fulfill “The Great Commission.” Then Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, ”All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Go ye therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo I am with you always, even to the end of the age. Amen.” Matthew 28:18-20.


Understanding the Mission: Most people are familiar with this text of scripture (Matthew 28:18-20). It is known as the “Great Commission” of the Lord Jesus Christ. It was given by the greatest general of the greatest army to ever walk on earth. When Jesus was raised from the dead and ascended to the right hand of God the Father, He received all power.


The Church’s Role in Discipleship: The church is designed by God to be a little bit of heaven a long way from home. It is to be the place where heaven rules on earth and where the ministry of making disciples is to be carried out, so that the world sees what it means to live by heaven’s rule in an environment where the gates of hell shall not prevail. Everything the church does in terms of worship, teaching and other ministries is designed to support the vital work of discipleship. Make a conscious decision to be active in being an effective Soul Reclaimer for Christ today!


Ministry of Missions and Outreach

To develop and coordinate an effective and comprehensive program of missions and community outreach and providing leadership to and supervision to staff members and volunteers involved in this ministry.


Intercessory Ministry

Here at CEC, we come together to meet with God and come against the power of darkness, mediating and pleading for our families, friends, neighbors, and co-workers. We allow God to work in the earth through our prayers (His word does not come back void). We have been bombarding the kingdom of darkness and taking back what the enemy has stolen.


Deacons Ministry

Deacons work very closely with the Pastor in providing care for the congregation. The responsibilities of the Deacons cover a wide range, based on congregational needs as well as the gifts and talents of the Deacons involved. The Pastor selects Deacons as the Lord directs him.


Follow-Thru Ministry

Purpose: To warmly welcome all new members to CEC, to provide all new members with a contact person so that they will become acquainted with CEC’s ministries. To provide pertinent information or direct them to proper ministries who can assist them whether they are new Christians or just new to CEC To make them feel welcomed and provide them with the necessary information that will encourage them to take an active role in Christian Embassy Church family. To work closely with other ministries in order to develop systems, procedures, creative and innovative ideas to ensure involvement in the ministry is less complicated.


To develop new and creative ways of contacting new members (e-mails, visits, postcards, etc.) To develop an organized system for informing ministry leaders of who has completed the requirements and is interested in working that ministry. To develop a working relationship with the E-Team to ensure that the momentum after “The New Birth” experience will continue


Marriage Ministry

The Christian Embassy Church Marriage Fellowship Ministry is dedicated to providing Godly principles to help maintain healthy marriages and is geared toward married and engaged couples only. Our vision is to strengthen the bond between husband and wife; encourage unity in the family; promote communication within the marriage; maintain respect for each other; and to provide stimulating and motivating events for the husband and wife as well as for the entire family. We also provide information involving awareness, institute marriage-training projects, and address real life issues all in a Christ-centered manner.


Our main goal is as it always has been and that is to strive for excellent marriages, therefore, we will continue to focus on the following: encouraging each other, communication, finance, sex, family, and the dangers of extra-marital relationships, hitting each issue with the force of a ‘hammer’ because we want all married couples to experience strong, exciting, and exuberant marriages.


Gathering of Eagles

Our Purpose:

  • To set moral standards of character, integrity, virtue and action.
  • To improve the present conditions of Christian Embassy Church’s Men of Integrity and Young Men of Integrity.
  • To express our Christian heritage to produce Godly, productive men for our families, communities, & country.
  • To do the work of an evangelist and to disciple & mentor other men for the kingdom


Y.E.S (Young, Energetic & Saved)

Our purpose in the CEC Youth Ministry is to instill character, biblical foundations, and principles of Christ into the hearts and minds of all young people. We want to equip youth in this present day to develop an understanding of Christ so that they will begin to build a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus. Our goal is to partner with the parents of CEC and together, raise youth who whole-heartedly serve Christ through obedience, worship, and Godly character.


J.O.Y.Ministry (Just Older Youth)

The Silver and Gold Ministry consists of members 50 years of age and up. Our goal is to create an atmosphere that will help and encourage seniors to continue a life of good health, good humor and energy that will promote a more productive life. The wisdom of our seniors, the application of their gifts and talents is one of the most valuable parts of our ministry and the body of Christ. We welcome all and all are needed.


Images of Life Drama Ministry

Christian Embassy Church proudly presents its Images Of Life Drama Ministry. We showcase God’s Word by using ‘shorts,’ also known as skits, as well as full-length plays. We are committed to bringing deliverance to believers and nonbelievers through the acts and the arts platform. We make every effort to present character traits and types to make our Drama Team relevant for today’s times. I.O.L.’s goal with video shorts is to use this ministry as a unique training visual for the body of Christ. Our full-length plays reflect imperfect people trying to serve a perfect God. For more information concerning this ministry or any of our upcoming productions, please contact CEC at 1-314-741-4GOD or continue to check the website.


Kyreia Women’s Ministry

Serve the church by developing, coordinating and administering an effective and comprehensive ministry to meet the diverse needs of women in the church and providing leadership to the supervision of staff members and volunteers involved in the ministry.


Women of Virtue

Our Vision: To impact the community with Holy living by demonstrating love for our sisters and brothers through our seminars, conferences, fellowships, and daily activities .We pray to God daily for divine wisdom to succeed in living a Holy life, so that we may exemplify that we are true women of God. We ask God to fill our hearts with the fruits of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. (Gal. 5:22-23) Therefore if we live by the Spirit, we shall continue to walk by the spirit, so that others may see Christ in us.


Kingdom Entrance

To manage an effective and comprehensive membership development program for the church.


Ambassador One Book Ministry

Leader: Minister Marva Burton

Workers: Sister Tracey Whittaker

Romans 10:17  Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.

Mission: The focus of the Ambassador One Book Ministry is on spiritual growth and maturity, by providing a range of resources that will enable, equip, and encourage believers. This ministry duplicates the anointed teachings of Pastor Robert Griffin, Sr. In addition, we offer the best selection of faith-filled material by Joyce Meyer, John Maxwell, T.D. Jakes, and many more. All teachings are available on audiotape and/or CDs. We also carry other materials such as Bibles, Framed Art, Christian Apparel, great gift ideals and much more.


Activities Ministry


Purpose: The Activity Committee organizes and presents safe, enjoyable, and creative social activities for Christian Embassy Church members, their families, and friends, as well as the neighborhood and community. These activities give CEC members the opportunity for communal fellowship, and encourage health family interaction in a positive and Christian environment. The Activities Committee actively recruits volunteers to serve at the many functions that are organized throughout the year, and provides an excellent opportunity for members to share their God-given gifts, talents, and abilities in service to the CEC family.


Hospitality Ministry

Leader: Min. Marva Burton

The Hospitality Ministry is broken down into three areas; they are the Hospitality Station, Cry Room and Bathroom Monitors. Below is a brief description of each area.


Hospitality Station: The CEC Hospitality Team serves as the intermediary between our visitors and/or members and all of the church’s ministries. The Hospitality Team’s purpose is to inform and direct visitors and members and to provide support and assistance where needed.


Cry Room: The CEC Cry Room is located inside the sanctuary adjacent to the Multi-Media booth and it is designed for parents to quiet their children, ages 0 to 2 years of age, who are temporarily disrupting service. The Cry Room is equipped with a speaker system and a glass window and provides the necessary components to help the children and their parents participate in and enjoy the worship services. The Cry Room should not be used as a ‘hang out’ or ‘social gathering place’. The Cry Room Attendants are saved, caring individuals who have patience and love for children and their parents. They are available to periodically check with participants in order to ensure they have everything necessary while utilizing our facility.


Bathroom Monitors: The CEC Bathroom Monitors purpose is to ensure the cleanliness of the bathrooms; ensure that the appropriate amount of supplies are available; and to ensure that the bathrooms are not used for loafing or hanging out.


Buildings, Ground & Maintenance

Leader: Bro. Henry Long

The Christian Embassy Church Building and Grounds Maintenance Team is responsible for the preservation and safeguarding of the entire church campus. This includes but is not limited to the lawn, the lake, lighting, landscaping, security and other areas of the building both internal and external. It is our duty to ensure that all that are exposed to our property and church facility experience all of the beauty, comfort and security that God has allowed us to enjoy


Welcome Committee/Photography


Welcome Committee Vision: To extend a sincere and heartfelt welcome to all visitors as the Love of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is demonstrated through the power of the Holy Spirit. We trust and believe that all our visitors will taste and see that God is good at CEC.


Photography Vision: To capture right now moments in time that can be seen at anytime. This allows us to reflect on all the special times God has given us the family of CEC, as we journey together as Christ’s Ambassadors through this precious gift from God called Life!!!!


Fellowship Ministry

This ministry provides meaningful times of social activity for CEC functions. They assist other ministries in providing food and refreshments for different activities and various functions.



Ushers Leader: Bro. Larry Cook

Greeters Leader: Sis. Essie Becton

The church Ushers/Greeters are forerunners of all the other ministries in the church. They actually set the flow of the day for visitors as well as members. The attitude the Ushers/Greeters demonstrates in the foyer of the church is a forerunner of the ministry to be experienced in the Sanctuary.




Counselors play a vital part in the ministry; they assist in salvation, restoration and they also help others to be filled with the Holy Spirit.



This ministry serves the congregation in the case of unexpected hardship. They also assist in other areas as needed.


Funeral Condolences

Leader: Min. Shirley Horne

This ministry also serves the congregation in the area of bereavement, condolences, home going services, planning and food preparation and assisting the families as needed.


Parking Lot Attendants

Leader: Bro. Henry Long

Parking lot attendees assist with parking cars, helping the members/visitors with children to the Sanctuary. They also assist as needed with umbrellas in inclement weather. They are a vital part of the ministry.


Media 1

Leader: Min. Terrell Burton

This ministry assists in spreading the gospel by utilizing audio/video equipment. They are responsible for the videoing and taping of each service. They run the projection system, sound equipment and much more.


Children’s Church/Nursery

Statement of Purpose: Teaching biblical principles and precepts, for practical application, on a level that is simple and easy to understand in a fun, exciting and memorable atmosphere. Nursery coming soon!



Leader: Min. Shirley Horne

Vision: The purpose of the singles ministry is to pursue God and His will for our lives. We recognized our completeness comes because of our relationship with Christ not because of a mate or the lack thereof.

Mission: We will minister to singles who are 19 years of age or older, in the areas of spiritual development and personal growth.


Disaster Relief Ministry

Leader: Deacons

In case of an emergency CEC wants to be one of the first who responds to our member’s needs. We will be there to assist in any way we can. Our doors (CEC and property) will be open to assist by providing shelter and food when needed due to a disaster, either from inclement weather or loss of utilities, earthquakes and etc.


Wedding Coordinator

Leader: Sis. Narissa Neal

Serve the church by coordinating weddings. Supervise musicians, sound/light technicians, etc. Conduct wedding rehearsals and provide comprehensive instructions to the entire wedding party.


Events & Planning Committee


This ministry is responsible for helping coordinating, planning, and organizing various ministry events. They meet with all ministries to help the vision of that ministry meet its fullest potential.


Public Relations

This ministry is responsible for the advertising of the ministry. They also work very close with the Events and Planning Committee.


Visitation Ministry

Leader: Evangelist Howard Griffin

Serve the church by developing an effective ministry of calling on the sick, hospitalized and home bound of the church.


Music Ministries


Minister of Music

Minister of Music: Shirley Horne

Over sees the functions of the Music & Dance Ministries.


Praise & Worship Team

Leader: Min. Shirley Horne

The Praise and Worship Team consists of men and women who are born again, spirit filled believers who feel an anointing on them to lead people into the presence of God. We are also examples and advocates of unity in the Body of Christ. We minister for almost every service in the church and require a high level of commitment. With all our hearts we desire to see people free to praise and worship the Lord!!


Church Choir

Leader: Min. Shirley Horne

Purpose:  The Christian Embassy Church Choir has been established to minister through music by allowing God to bring healing, deliverance, and restoration. Its purpose is also to enter the presence of God through worship and to exalt Him through praise. Our goal is to become yielded vessels for God, so that we may allow His anointing to flow through our voices to send a word from the Lord through song.


Our Vision:  To see that everyone who feels God has called them to be part of an anointed choir comes. No matter their ethnic group, creed or color. We are looking to build an army of voices for the Lord.



Leader: Derek Neal Jr.

Excellence is the heart and soul of The Christian Embassy Church Music Ministry. We are responsible for providing the instrumental music for the Praise and Worship Team, Youth, and Mass Choirs, special selections, and for many of the various singing groups within the church. Our group is comprised of multi-talented young men of integrity and young ladies of virtue who seek to glorify God through music. Our ministry consists of the musician leader, assistant musician leader, and many band members. All participants and those desiring to become a part of the ministry must be committed, tithe paying members of Christian Embassy Church and must have completed Phase I and Phase II of Leadership training.



Leader: Elder Kevin McCain

The Ambassadors are a quartet style-singing group that reaches the masses through contemporary and Southern Gospel singing.


Vision: To be the best at Quartet Style singing, comforting, and bringing spiritual enrichment throughout the land while living a life of integrity at all times.


Our Purpose: To help people get a clear understanding of whom God is, and how much he loves us through the ministry of music. All members of the Ambassadors are men of integrity with pleasant attitudes that are committed members of Christian Embassy Church.


Voices of Wisdom

Leader: Min. Marva Burton

The Voices of Wisdom is a female vocal group anointed to sing songs of praise and worship to our heavenly Father in the traditional gospel style. While the V.O.W.’s do not discriminate against anyone, we have determined that in order to maintain and deliver our style of music, all members must possess the same desire to sing this particular type of music and have comparable backgrounds.


The vision of the Voices of Wisdom is to sing songs of purpose that will minister to all age groups in such a way that lives will be changed, burdens will be released, spirits renewed, and hearts will be prepared to receive the Word of God. It is also our vision to focus on Kingdom building only and not on self-exaltation, for it is our ultimate vision to win souls for the Kingdom of God.


Visions Praise Dance Ministry

We are a ministry under the umbrella of Christian Embassy Church that is comprised of several dance teams, grouped according to age, skill level and dance ministry type.

Purpose: To praise God in the dance. To portray God’s Word visually in order to usher the congregation into the presence of God.

Vision: A team united in Christ, with a passion to bring the words of a song to life through dance (movement).


Dance Teams:

Visions I……..Beginning/Intermediate – Ages 6

Visions II……..Beginning/Intermediate – Ages 13 & up

Visions III……..Advanced – Ages 13 & up

Visions IV……..Flag

Visions V……..Step/Rhythm & Praise

Visions VI……..Mime

Visions Ensemble……..Visions I – VI


*The CEC Praise Dance Ministry has open enrollment three times a year in which interested parties are allowed to petition for membership. These times are the first two weeks during the months of January, May, and September of each year.

Email us at praisedance@christianembassychurch.org